Telecommunications and Informatics Business Management Study Program (MBTI) is one of the undergraduate study programs under the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB). With more than 1,500 active students, MBTI is one of the favorite study programs in Telkom University. The MBTI undergraduate study program has been established since 1997.

At that time it was still under the Bandung School of Management (STMB), which was the development of the MBA-Bandung as the first MBA program in the city of Bandung. Since 2002, the S-1 MBTI STMB program has obtained accreditation A and continues to be maintained until today.

Based on BAN-PT Decree No. 192 / SK / BAN-PT / AkXVI / S / IX / 2013, MBTI obtained accreditation A which was valid from 2013 to 2018. In 2004, STMB changed its name to Telkom College of Business Management (STMB Telkom) to provide a more strong in telecommunications business management science.

The increasingly strong existence of STMB Telkom has encouraged efforts to transform STMB Telkom into the Telkom Management Institute (IM Telkom) in 2008. This transformation was marked by the increase in study programs held by IM Telkom.

Since 2013, IM Telkom has joined other tertiary institutions hosted by the Telkom Education Foundation (YPT) and formed Telkom University. Apart from the Regular Undergraduate Study Program, MBTI also has an international class program that has foreign students and collaborates with universities and foreign industries in implementing its curriculum. For the Regular Undergraduate program, lectures are held in Building D, Faculty of Economics and Business, at the Telkom education complex, Dayeuh Kolot. The International Class is held at the 9th floor of the Tokong Nanas Building.